Cleaning Disposal Caddy

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Frymaster provides the answer for the transportation of cleaning solutions to the disposal drain with the Cleaning Disposal Caddy, available in one size that fits under all Frymaster and Dean 30 to 50-lb. fryers.

The low center of gravity provides stability when transporting the unit.

The tank has a tight-fitting cover and a secure latch to ensure safe transport without spills. The 1/2” drain and drain valve make it easy to discharge the cleaning solution. No lifting required.

Hot cleaning solutions should be cooled to 120° – 140°F before transporting to the disposal drain as most state and local plumbing codes prohibit water above 140°F being discharged into the sanitary sewer. In addition, water above 140°F can injure PVC pipes and cast iron coatings.

*Liter conversions are for liquid shortening @70°F.