ESG35T ENERGY STAR® Value Gas Fryer

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Frymaster has a whole new category of fryers, “Value High-Efficiency”. The new ESG35T is a value fryer that exceeds ENERGY STAR guidelines and qualifies for energy-saving rebates.  The ESG35T requires only 70,000 BTU/hr, 33% less than comparable standard models.  The 6” heating tubes have proprietary baffles and painted interiors that deliver super heat transfer. This reduces flue heat loss by 27%. The insulated frypot allows for a low idle rate of 6,143 Btu/hr. further enhancing the energy savings provided by the ESG35T. And this 35-lb fryer has the same cooking capacity as a 45-lb fryer, saving 10 lbs. of oil every time the frypot is filled.

The innovative ESG35T has a wide cold zone keeping crumbs and sediment away from the cooking area, keeping oil fresh longer.  In addition, the frypot bottom slopes to the front so that the oil, sediment and crumbs can be easily flushed out of the pot.

Prompt recovery is assured with a durable temperature probe; no electrical hook-up is required for the millivolt control system.

Frymaster’s ESG35T is a value fryer that reduces operating costs by saving energy and oil use.  It also reduces the cost of ownership by qualifying for energy-saving rebates.