GF Series Range-Match Fryer GF16-FR

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Medium duty range match fryer, model GF16-FR, 110,000 BTU (32.2 kW) multiple orifice Starfire burners, with centre line thermostat accurate to 1°. Natural or propane gas. 30 lb (15 litre) to 40 lb (20 litre) capacity stainless steel open design frypot. 15-11/16″ (398mm) wide; stainless steel front, door, cabinet, and backguard. Matches G and GF series rages and broilers with low profile backguards. 12″ (305mm) x 15″ (381mm) frying area with large heat transfer area and deep cold zone. Matching 16″ (406mm) wide fryer station with cabinet base: model GF16-FRST-HL with stainless steel 12″ (305mm) x 20″ (508mm) x 2-1/2″ (61mm) cafeteria pan, cut out top and heat lamp, or model GF16-FRST with solid stainless steel work top.