H55 and H55-2 High Efficiency Gas Fryers

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Frymaster’s H55 is a premium open-pot fryer that combines state-of-the-art technology with decades of frying experience and customer satisfaction to set the standard for high-efficiency frying. The ENERGY STAR® rated H55 fryer saves thousands of dollars annually on energy costs. H55 fryers have long been the trusted choice of chains and independent operators worldwide because their efficient, state-of-the-art heat transfer system, precise controls and durability have stood the test of time.

Infrared burners and blower system delivers an ultra-refined air-gas mixture so the fryer operates well in any gas application such as at high altitudes, in environments where air circulation is sub-optimal or when the heating value of the gas is diminished.

The split-pot model has all of the features and options of the full-pot H55 and gives the operator the discretion of using only half the fryer.

The optional stand-alone spreader cabinet can include a holding station with heat lamp option. The holding stations are available with cafeteria-style pan or scoop-type pan.

*Liter conversions are for liquid shortening @70°F.