LHD65G Large Vat Gas Fryer

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The LHD65 low flue temperature fryers are  large capacity gas systems, with a 100-lb. (50-liter) oil capacity, and a cooking depth of 5-3/4” (15 cm) per frypot. These ENERGY STAR® qualified, large vat fryers are specifically designed to fry bone-in chicken and other fresh breaded products.

The built-in filtration system on batteries saves valuable floor space. An 8 GPM pump makes filtering fast, safe, and convenient, encouraging frequent filtering, which extends the useful life of oil.

The cold zone holds heavy sediment and debris away from the cooking area so that they cannot cling to fried products or contaminate the oil. The bottom of the frypot is sloped toward the front for fast, thorough draining.

The SMART4U® 3000 controller has operation management features that monitor and help control food and oil quality, oil life, and equipment performance. It has 20 programmable cook buttons and auto adjusts cook time to load size. The segmented cooking feature allows programming a cook with up to five different set temperatures and times as desired for cooking bone-in chicken.

With 105,000 Btu/hr input, exclusive thermo-tube design, and controlled flow diffusers, this high performance fryer provides maximum production, forcing energy into the oil, with less going unused up the vent. Exhaust temperatures are 550°F or less. The benefit is fast heat-up and recovery times, low idle costs, lower ambient temperatures, and low gas consumption per pound of product cooked.

This unit is shipped standard with stainless steel frypot, door, front, and sides.